Enter $JDI – Dirt cheap gem that launched just few days ago! : altcoin


Website: https://jediyield.com/

Contract Address: https://www.bscscan.com/token/0x0491648c910ad2c1afaab733faf71d30313df7fc

Twitter: https://twitter.com/JediYield

Telegram: https://t.me/jediyield

Medium: https://medium.com/jediyield

*More info*: https://docs.jediyield.com/

JDI launched on apeswap.finance for $0.1. The IAO had a goal to raise 700K but 800%+ of that price was raised! Since the trading started it did 4x and it is now trading on apeswap at ~$0.37 and should be on pancakeswap soon. That’s only around 4m mcap right now and they already have working product! 5x more from here is very likely in short term

Basic info

  • The listing on CMC and Pancakeswap should be very soon, probably tomorrow or so.

  • The team has locked their shares on CRX platform, released over 10 months.

  • JDI plan to be one-stop service for all yield farmers, optimizing your yield harvesting from several platform with just one click. Increasing convience and safety with game changing premium features that will save you thousands in rugpull such as automatic alerts if there’s any code changes to the farm.

Token info

  • Current JDI price – $0.37

  • Current circulating supply – 10m (20m total)

  • Already 3500+ holders

  • Holders gain pro features on the platform (starting from 2000 tokens)

  • Buy on apeswap.finance

Please DYOR before buying anything! I might be wrong here but I truly believe that this has potential to skyrocket!

Edit: I forgot to add that the team has not even started marketing this! It’s still hidden to the majority l!

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